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  • Listening to: MGMT
Posting to wish you all a late Happy Holiday + Happy New Year. D : :heart: I got a new Laptop for Christmasnfksda! FINALLY! D: I can use photoshop and stuff. No moar trials/Gimp!!!! ; 3 ; I was deprived with crappy art programs. -happppppppy- Also made a new twitter: For those of you who have an account there.

Another thing is I stumbled across a song call "Mario Kart Love Song" D'::::::::::: Oh so gooood. I wish he had his music on itunes or something. I think he would make quite a few dinerooo's from it. :'DD

Mario Kart Love Song:…
- x-
~   ~

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-Finishing a pic to get paid in gaia for a friend (put that site on hold)
-Studying for 2 classes -sad-
-so much more that it's makin me fuckin depress
-playing too much MMORPG games that it's making me get behind in alot of things.
-soz about msn -_- I died there too.